Mancave. The story so far.

It started, early last month, when I went to the post office to buy some stamps. 

I got distracted on the way there (damn you, homemaker centre) and bought a Sony 55″ LCD TV. So, we ended up with a ‘spare’ 46″ LCD that needed a home. So, part of the garage was commandeered, some shelving acquired from Bunnings and I added an antenna to feed it some signal.

Next, I stuck a media streamer there to feed the TV. Which then called for ethernet connectivity (all-metal Colorbond contructions don’t allow a lot of wifi signals through). So, 20 metres of CAT6 cable was run along the fence and hooked up to a new router to supply cabled and wireless coverage (incl a new WLAN) for the shed.

A leftover PC from the study went up to the garage next to feed off the LAN and run security cameras etc.

Then the (much) better half suggested the racing seat setup (which occupied half of our tiny lounge room) went with it. Good idea. Done. Which, of course, meant the second PS3 (dev) console followed it so the racing rig wasn’t just a comfy seat. Done. 

And so *then* the garage a needed half-decent audio solution for the PS3. A 5.1 amp and speaker setup was installed yesterday. 

…which led me to a thought late last night. With all that A/V and data capability now in the garage, I’d just need a projector for full outdoor 3D cinema and gaming in the backyard this summer. Today, a colleague at work put me onto a mob in Germany with excellent prices and superb customer service. I loaded-up my picked-up an awesome projector which should be delivered by the end of the week.

And all I needed were two bloody postage stamps.  Surprised smile


2 thoughts on “Mancave. The story so far.

  1. Moldor on

    Worst. Justification. Ever !! But I admire your creativity in blaming it all on Australia Post…

    So, Bathurst weekend at your place ?

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