My 15 minutes.

AFR article crop digital influencers social mediaI never really got into Facebook, which is why I eventually committed Facebook suicide and killed-off my profile. Twitter, on the other hand, I have found immense value in – both professionally and personally.

Well, it seems my tweeting habits were enough to warrant attention from blogger, journo and marketing professional Jennie Bewes. In a recent Australian Financial Review article tited The next new thing: digital influencers (paywalled – copy on author’s blog here), Jennie talks about the “Klout Klub” designed to warm the cockles of cold bloggers’ hearts and get them to say nice things about their hotel stay.

I was both chuffed – and a little embarassed – by the mention in the article. I’ve never gone out of my way to attempt to influence anyone online. I do share my opinions and help where I can but most of all I just try to be myself. If that makes me an influencer, that means anyone can be an influencer. I’m certainly no #SMEG, that’s for sure.

To Hugh Jackman (if you ever happen to stumble upon this post), mate, please rest assured that you have NOTHING to worry about in terms of losing a nice hotel room to me. ;-)


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